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Discover how much fun you can have losing weight by simply trying new things. Let MonjWell’s expert health coaches guide you to make lasting changes you’ll love.

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Create Lasting Changes

We’ve been at this a while, so we’ve got the data to back up the success stories: On average, our clients lose 24 pounds in the first 12 weeks of the program, and keep it off after one year. Even better, the majority of participants report being happier both during and after the program. And happiness is a wonderful gift to give to yourself.


Discover Delicious Food

Have you been on a diet (or three) that’s left you feeling seriously deprived? Yep, us too. And that’s not the abundant food life we want to have. The first few weeks of your food program will help you reset your diet so you can see some awesome results quickly. Immediately after the reset, you’ll begin to pick up tips, tricks and strategies for buying and creating delicious, flavorful food and lots of it—for life.

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Move to Your Own Beat

We’re firm believers that moving your body can be fun and something you should look forward to, as opposed to a daily grind to check off your list. It starts with finding inspiring live, coach-led virtual classes from our partner, Gixo, that are easy, fun and exciting and fit easily into your day.


Get Supported

Your professionally-trained health coach will support you one-on-one throughout your journey to help you overcome any hurdles that come your way. And you’ll also be joining a community of Members just like you. You’ll cheer, inspire and support one another.



The MonjWell app is your go-to resource for keeping you on course.  In addition to useful tracking tools, it’s chock-full of fascinating facts and useful tips & strategies, not to mention a truckload of fun ideas. Each week, we’ll serve up a new Lesson that will provide all the info you need to complete one simple Mission, which is designed to help you discover ways to fill your life with happiness.



try new Things


Be Curious. Be Courageous. Be an Explorer.

Each step brings you closer to finding new ways to make you happy.



It can be easy.  Just break that big goal down into super simple steps.

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have fun

Laugh. Giggle. Grow. Celebrate each change along the way.

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Surround yourself with the support of your coach, loved ones, or other MonjWell members.


- Pricing -

$99 / Month

$ 199 One-Time Start Up Fee

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Ready to go?


I’d love to schedule a 10 minute consultation with a health coach.